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Internatiuonal Department

About health tourism

Medical tourism or health tourism is a trip to another country for the purpose of treatment. Some reasons for this type of tourism are the lack of similar treatment methods, high costs, and lack of advanced treatment technologies in the original country. 

Due to the reasonable medical tariffs in Iran compared to other countries in the region, the provision of medical and nursing services with international quality and, also, the use of modern diagnostic and treatment methods make our dear country Iran one of the hubs of health tourism in the region and always hosts a large number of patients, especially from neighboring countries, who travel to Iran to receive medical services.

Imam Musa Kazem (A.S) Educational Treatment Center is proud to provide the best services to health tourists as one of the super-specialized burn centers of Iran in the city of Isfahan.

Isfahan half of the world

Due to its location in the center of Iran, having suitable climatic conditions, national and international historical monuments, and being the center of handicraft production, the province of Isfahan has always attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign tourists.

 This ancient city is located in a desert area and next to the Zayandeh River (Zayandeh ud).

The unique architecture, unique historical monuments, and beautiful nature of this city have made Isfahan a destination for tourists worldwide. In addition to tourist attractions, this city has also stepped into the field of health tourism in recent years, and as one of Iran's therapeutic and tourism hubs, it plays a vital role in attracting health tourists.

Why Imam Musa Kazem Hospital?

  1. Specialist and experienced doctors and staff

  2. Up-to-date and advanced specialized equipment and facilities

  3. Quality of service received

  4. Speed ​​of service received

  5. Significant currency difference

  6. Good geographical location


Imam Mosa Kazem Treatment and Teaching Hospital

This hospital offers an extensive range of services in the field of health tourism, different types of cosmetic surgeries, and full specialty treatment for grade I, I, and III burns, which the process of examination, diagnosis, and treatment along the pleasurable accommodation of the patient and their companions in the VIP units and if necessary the intensive care unit can always be planned by the International Patients Department.

This hospital has been successful in obtaining official permits and international certifications in line with the world’s medical standards, therefore, you can come to this hospital with peace of mind and assurance and receive medical and surgical services to complete your treatment plan, in addition to benefiting from the attractions and beauties of Isfahan city.


Location: IPD Unit, IPD ward, 1st Floor

Department’s Supervisor: Ms. Azam Jamali

Direct Line: +98 913 0870700