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Main Hospital Policies

Main Policies of Imam Mousa Kazim Hospital Regarding Key Stakeholders




Providing safe, high-quality and comprehensive treatment, educational, research, healthcare, diagnosis, care, support and rehabilitation services based on latest science and technology and international standards with emphasis on humanitarian and Islamic principles


Improving service quality and patient safety without additional costs for the patients


Respect and care for patients and families based on professional ethics and human dignity


Promoting decision-making and actions based on group wisdom and credible scientific evidences through establishment of clinical standards and guidelines


Providing, safeguarding and improving the health of patients, families, staff members and society

(Conducting activities related to health improvement and prevention among patients, family members and staff and prioritizing prevention over treatment in society)


Gaining the cooperation and satisfaction of key stakeholders


Qualitative and quantitative development of educational and research system in the hospital using a goal-oriented, health-based approach based on the needs of the staff, patients and society through training of skilled human resources committed to Islamic and professional ethics and with suitable skills and competencies based on the needs of the organization and society


Providing efficient supervision for procurement, distribution and use of medicine, medical equipment and facilities as well as other items based on resistive economic policies and supporting Iranian products with emphasis on maintaining patient safety


Improving the efficiency in using financial and human resources as well as hospital support infrastructure and equipment